London Eye and the sky

Has anyone been on the London Eye?

It is quite rarely at this year of the time that you see such beautiful blue sky in London, or even in the UK I bet! So yes, these photos were not taken recently… 😛 But as London Eye is an iconic tourist spot in London, I can’t help but post some photos that I am quite proud of. Maybe they could cheer yourself up and remind you that we do have great weather in the UK, just not very often… Anyway, for those interested, these were taken on my HTC phone using the Photo app “Retro Camera“. Besides that, I did no editing to the photos.

China town, the popular tourist spot..?


This photo was taken back in late September, when it was the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival.

Packed with tourists and Londoners all the time, it is always lively and it is in general, where you can get food relatively cheaper compared to other places in London.

Personally my favourite for dim sum is ‘Wan Chai Corner‘ – it is literally at the corner of China town with bright red paint on the outer so quite easily recognisable! The dim sums are reasonably priced, authentic with quick efficient service.

For some cheap quick meal that usually gives you meat and rice on the same plate, go for ‘Wong Kei‘. It is the cheapest of all but very filling, as in, huge portion. It is notoriously known for its poor service. Don’t expect good friendly helpful staff. If you are lucky you may get a smile, but that rarely happens. It has improved over the year, but doesn’t hurt to warn you a little. Oh and as for food, it is ok-ish. Not bad, not excellent, depends on what you order! Crispy pork and barbueque pork is good, though!

So anyway, that’s it for now. There are many yummy places near China Town so I will recommend more restaurants in future posts, watch out for updates! 🙂

Caffe Machiatto, Near Goodge Street

No one will ever believe this wonderful English Breakfast costs only £3.40 including hot drinks of your choice (hot chocolate, coffee or tea).

This great little cafe is situated at a quiet street called Cleveland Street with the nearest station being Goodge Street. Normally, I visit this place 3 times a week, sometimes more sometimes less. But I order the same thing ALL THE TIME. I mean, for £3.40, you get filled for at least 4-5 hours and leave you satisfied. Except its food, the service is also excellent. The owners and staffs are always cheerful and smiley. They are extremely hard-working and in my eyes, understand what good food is supposed to be like.

Anyway, just look at the photo and indulge yourself in the beauty of English Breakfast!


Environment: 2.5/5

Food: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Price: 5/5

Overall: 4/5